For Bukowski on his 95th Birthday by Bunkong Tuon

Silver Birch Press

For Bukowski on his 95th Birthday
by Bunkong Tuon

The punch clock rings like a tumor
as he steps into the late afternoon light.
The boarded-up windows hang like terrible
hangovers while plastic bags, soda cans,
cardboard boxes litter the sidewalks.
Mick Jagger screams I Can’t Get No
Satisfaction from someone’s broken window.
Chevrolets parked along broken fences
and graffiti walls. Teenagers watch him
trudge by. Heads down, parents exhausted
from their 9-to-5’s at factories and hospitals.
The little children stop running and screaming,
stare at this man in his sweat-stained shirt,
fascinated momentarily with his acned face,
then return to their hide-and-seek game.
He crosses the street. A car screeches
to a stop. The driver sticks her head out
the window cursing, one hand pressing
the steering wheel, the other holding up
a middle finger. But the man ignores her,
turns a corner, and disappears into a boarding

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Voluntourism – Helpful Aid Or Just A Warm Fuzzie?

Master of Something I'm Yet To Discover

(Source: Google images)

There has been something of an explosion in the travel industry of a new form of travel dubbed “voluntourism”. Part community service, part holiday, participants agree to help out as volunteers as part of their holiday package. The range of opportunities on offer and the number of companies getting in on the action has expanded dramatically over the last ten years.

But is it a good thing?

Most of us would react positively to the idea of helping our fellow members of the human race in some capacity and if we can combine it with a holiday, all the better. And the community we work in benefits from our efforts. It’s a win-win, right?

Except that not all volunteering is created equal. Some offerings are more about providing that “warm fuzzie” moment for the traveller than of providing any lasting benefit to the recipient. Spending a week playing…

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I Want to See the Tower by Laurent Scheinfeld

The Leica Meet Blog

Some of the most rewarding aspects of The Leica Meet are the new friendships and the remarkable talent we encounter. One such person is Laurent Scheinfeld, a Paris based photographer with a unique perspective on that iconic travel destination, the Eiffel Tower. Here he describes his fascinating project.

Millions of people dream to see the Eiffel Tower. Trocadero esplanade, which undoubtly is the best view point for admiring the Tower, counts several millions of tourists from all over the world, every year. Surprisingly, the dream becomes reality and the place then offers a strange ballet of people shooting themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower, playing with its image as if it was a goal in life to get their own picture in a posed or grotesque attitude in front of the Tower. I love my native town Paris and I love the Eiffel Tower. Through a social and psychological…

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“I will revoke the U.S. citizenship of all Puerto Ricans,” says Donald Trump


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

– August 22, 2015

The U.S. presidential campaign is turning bizarre.

Earlier this week, Rev. Al Sharpton declared that “people that were from Puerto Rico all would have to go back if their parents were undocumented.” In other words, Sharpton believes that Puerto Ricans are not inherently U.S. citizens.

Then in New York City, while speaking to a group of investment bankers and hedge fund owners, Donald Trump declared that if elected, he will revoke the U.S. citizenship of all Puerto Ricans because they are “not part of the American race.”

The speech was reported in multiple news sites, though some have questioned their accuracy. Here are two reports of this speech:

The reports were also picked up in this Univision Forum:

If these sources are accurate, then Trump is saying that Puerto Ricans can be drafted to die in America’s wars. 

They can sew dresses in…

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PHOTOS! Catelynn’s Wedding Gown!! The Ceremony!! Plus See Which ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Attended Cate & Tyler’s Special Day!

Teen Mom Madness


‘Teen Mom OG’ star Catelynn Lowell (or should we say Catelynn Baltierra) posed with adoption counselor Dawn Baker in her GORGEOUS wedding gown after the ceremony today!


She looks stunning of course! and check it out! ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood attended!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry was also there!


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The Effort of Not Wearing Makeup


article-1041224-0228AC4600000578-286_634x942 Makeup brushes are the worst. So. Much. Work.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a skin condition called melasma and an eye disorder called ocular rosacea. What this amounts to is having brown patches of skin, and red bloodshot eyes. It’s fair to say that 2015 has not been a great year for my face.

The melasma has meant I’ve had to coat myself in serums and sunscreen everyday, leading to vampirically pale skin. The rosacea has also meant I’ve had to stop wearing makeup altogether. Of course I can still wear lipstick, but not if I want to kiss my girlfriend often, which I do (this is another femme dilemma for another time). I’ve gone from someone who used to wear smokey eyes at breakfast, to a blankly pale-faced person.

The whole thing has been quite unsettling. But it’s also taught me a few lessons about my relationship to beauty…

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Jack the Ripper, ‘interesting history’ and masculine violence

Lauren Johnson

The revelation that a museum promising to be ‘the only dedicated resource in the East End to women’s history’ is instead opening as a Jack the Ripper Museum – telling the story of a Victorian serial killer – has rightly sparked outrage and astonishment. But eschewing social history in favour of misogyny and murder is far from uncommon in our public historical storytelling. One of those behind this museum, Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, explained his decision to change its focus:

‘We did plan to do a museum about social history of women but as the project developed we decided a more interesting angle was from the perspective of the victims of Jack the Ripper.’

(You can read more of the original planning application here.)JRM pic

This project is only the furthest extreme of a general trend in historical presentation, which takes ‘interesting history’ to mean ‘violent and masculine’. I had…

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New York Mets Win 7th Straight: The ‘Miracle Mets’ Are Back, and They’re Here to Stay


Remember the good ole’ days, when John Mayberry Jr. and Eric Campbell were the New York Mets’ fourth and fifth hitters?

It should be pretty easy to remember, considering it happened just two weeks ago, against the Los Angeles Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw no less. Despite having a COMBINED .341 batting average between the two of them, the Mets miraculously were still 49-47 at the end of the night. Above .500, and in contention.

Fast forward to the week from hell. From the near Wilmer Flores trade, to the epic rain game, to finally landing Yoenis Cespedes, it was the craziest sports rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and read Jonah Keri’s piece for Grantland describing the historic week.

As horrifically bad as that week started, what it did, is build a sense of character and camaraderie I haven’t seen in a Mets team, maybe…

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Light bodies are being re-calibrated – Quan Yin – 8/7/15

light body

We want to discuss with you the physical effects that so many of you are going through. These latest energy waves can be very trying on the physical form. As many of you know the waves have been building in intensity and will continue to do so until a wave that has been labeled Wave X hits your planet. After that time many will be integrating the new energies or simply beginning their awakening.

With these waves come a re-calibration of the light body. Your chakras and merkaba are receiving upgrades and this is often reflected in the body system as extreme exhaustion, nausea, headaches and body aches, particularly in your joints. With this is also seen increased anxiety, fear, and doubt. We understand this as the physical form does not realize what is taking place and feels that it is under attack from the invading light codes. It is…

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