An Open Letter to the Kardashians, From a Sports Fan

Sports and Spices

Dear Kardashians,

I write this open letter to you as a sports fan. As someone who didn’t grow up looking up to fashion designers, but to professional athletes. You know, that group of talented people you ladies love to date, marry, and divorce after 72 days.

Yeah, those guys.

Those guys whom have worked so hard to reach the peaks of their athletic careers, only to have their accomplishments shadowed by a group of “four sisters” that take the term matriarch to a “whole nother level” (I took both of those quotations directly from your reality show, in case you forgot how annoying you all are to listen to).

Watching the coverage of Lamar Odom is heartbreaking. Not because I feel for Khloe. Not because of Khloe, or Kris, or Kim, or the camera crew that showed up at the hospital today. But because this is a man who has quietly battled drug…

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